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Our philosophy

On the phone or on the tracks, we take care of you. First, we take the time to advise you and find the trip that matches perfectly your needs and wants. Then, as our groups are intentionally kept small (12 to exceptionally 14 participants), we are able to adapt the hiking rhythm to each of you. It also allows you a more intimate experience with the people and wildlife you encounter on your journey.


All our accommodations are booked in small Huts, Regional Inns or Hotels. They are carefully selected to ensure you a comfortable night’s rest at the heart of nature as well as a warm welcome and atmosphere for all the duration of your stay. Meals are varied (fresh supplies, local specialties)

Hut or tents:

dormitories, washbasin and shared toilets (showers or not)

Inns or transit accommodation:

bedrooms (2 to 8 people sharing), En suite or shared bathroom (shower and toilets)

Bed and breakfast or comfortable hotel:

double bedroom, En suite bathroom and toilets, sometimes sauna and swimming pool.


Most of the lunches are picnic-style. If you book a circuit, they will contain energetic snacks for the day. Dinners are taken in the Huts, Inns or Hotels. We take a great care to ensure that all the food served during our trips is balanced quality food.

Trip leaders

Guides or instructors, they are all professionals. They organize your trip so that you can do what is most important: relax, enjoy the experience and have fun. They are all excellent ambassadors of their region and culture and will probably communicate you the envy to discover them.


We provide the necessary equipment for the group such as tents, mattresses, first aid kit…
We also lend you special personal equipment: snowshoes, poles and, when necessary, AVD, shovels…


Avoid any surprise! Our prices are all inclusive (except beverage and personal expenses). They include accommodation on half or full board basis (depending on the trip), trip leaders’ wage, equipment and organization fees.

Trip rating


Hiking time of 3 to 4 hours per day. Average cumulative elevation gain of 200 to 400 meters (656 to 1,312ft)

Easy to moderate

Hiking time of 4 to 5 hours per day. Average cumulative elevation gain of 400 to 600 meters (1,312 to 1,968ft)


Hiking time of 5 to 6 hours per day. Average cumulative elevation gain of 600 to 800 meters (1,968 to 2,624 ft)


Hiking time of 6 to 7 hours per day. Average cumulative elevation gain of 800 to 1100 meters (2,664 or 3,608 ft)

Ultimate challenge

Hiking time of more than 7 hours per day. Average cumulative elevation gain of 900 to 1400 meters (2,952 to 4,592ft)



Nordic skiing: You are novice, you will learn to : position oneself, develop balance, change direction and control speed.

Canyon & Nature Sports: You have never practiced. The choice of sites and teaching skills are suitable for the discovery and learning of these activities.


Nordic skiing: You manage, you master skiing on groomed slope, the change and your speed. You will discover the change of support and the coordination.

Canyon & Nature Sports: You have already practiced and you liked ! To fully enjoy this program, it's necessary to have earned a minimum mastery (abseiling for example).


Nordic skiing: You master with ease skiing on groomed slope : balance, trajectories, speed and obstacles. You also want to discover off-piste skiing and his adapted techniques.

Canyon & Nature Sports: Experienced practising, you are passionate about the activity. Here is the opportunity to make you happy and learn new techniques.


Nordic skiing: You are experienced in sliding sports, you master skiing on the slopes and off-piste : balance while skiing, coordination, trajectories in all snow. Aim : Sport and open spaces.

Build your own trip

For few years now and to meet the increasing demand of our clients to adapt some of our trips to their needs and wishes, we started to customize our trips. So, feel free to ask, whatever you want! Families, friends, work teams… We calculate our prices according to the number of participants (minimum 7) and you can pick the dates you want.

Another possibility is to create a special trip together. For instance, these trips were created on demand: week end of 2 to 4 days for a group of friends, a trek to the Kilimanjaro, a hike with donkeys for a family, meetings in Chamonix, Megève or Annecy for businesses…

Detailed written descriptions

Feel free to consult the detailed written description of our trips. They give information about the region, the accommodation, the route, the trip rating and are available on demand.
If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.


A 5% discount is offered to families of 4 (with at least 2 children under 16) and more. (Except for journey with plane tickets, Haute Vallée de Névache and all our special families trips)

A 5% discount is offered to groups of 7 to 10 participants. (Except on journey with plane tickets)

A 8% discount is offered to groups of more than 11 participants (Except on journey with plane tickets)

Booking fees

As it takes a longer time to deal with last minute bookings :

  • a 10€ (20€ for self-guided trips) booking fee will apply for any trips confirmed within 21 and 8 days prior departure.
  • a 20€ (30€ for self-guided trips) booking fee for any trips confirmed less than 8 days prior departure.
  • a 50€ booking fee for any changes made to a booking less than 22 days prior departure.

Minimum number of participants

As we are a small structure, our trips can only take place with at least 6 participants. If we do not reach this minimum 21 days prior departure, we have to cancel the trip. So the best thing for everyone is that you book your trip early!

Special offer

A 3% discount will be offered for any booking more than 60 days prior departure (Only on guided circuits, in France and in 2010.


To thank you for your loyalty we offer a discount of 5% on:

  • your 3rd trip if it starts less than 2 years after the 1st
  • your 4th trip without time limit

This discount is applicable on the 3rd or 4th trip and the loyalty program resets.
The discount is valid for a trip of the same type as the 2 or 3 firsts (for example if you have made 2 weekends of 2 days, handing loyalty of the third day will be applied on a weekend of 2 days only).
You will not receive a loyalty card, but we can keep you informed of your situation at any time by email or telephone.
Offer not combined with other discounts (advance registration, groups, families, ...) or the use of vouchers.
The program begins at 01/12/2014 and is only for individual trips.

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